The consultative meeting… unifying efforts and evoking the issue


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consultative meeting may help consolidate the culture of dialogue, and promote ways to solve problems through peaceful means away from violence, and this may open paths of dialogue with the various parties in Yemen.” as he put it.

He pointed out that “the issue of the people of the south, which is represented by the Southern Transitional Council at the present time, will be more present at the negotiating tables, whether between the parties of the Presidential Council or the parties of the legitimate government, or even with the Houthis in the north.”

He continued, “The international community will be more aware of the importance of this issue and its centrality in any negotiations for a solution, and in any plan for a solution, in the event that there is a plan that searches for sustainable peace, and does not seek to postpone or transfer problems and establish cycles of violent conflict in Yemen.”

He added, “These meetings will enhance the presence of the southern issue on the negotiation tables for a comprehensive political solution, and will impose on the regional and international community and local parties a just solution to this issue in a way that satisfies the southerners and in a manner appropriate to their aspirations and sacrifices that they have made over the course of three decades.”

He concluded: “These meetings will present the southern issue in its true form and will impose on the parties a just solution befitting the sacrifices of the southerners that they made since 1990, and until today in terms of martyrs and wounded, and what happened to the land and people during this period, and therefore the consultative meeting is considered a very important step at the time the present.”

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