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report:Effects of conflict on agricultural production in Sah


Effects of conflict on agricultural production in Sah

Directorate Wadi Hadramout – Sah – Report – Mariam Al Maari Sah Directorate:

The Sah Directorate is located in the middle part of Hadramout Governorate, with an area of (16,336) kilometers, distributed to two parts, inhabited by about ′′ 38,000 ′′ people according to the latest statistics of the Social Fund for Development, the Plateau Which separate the coastal areas from the valley, and another part consists of several branched valleys south, which is the concentration of most of the population.

The Sah Directorate located in the southern side of Hadramaut Valley is characterized by a series of long valleys in which floods are passing by rainwater, which helps to transfer mud deposits, in addition to ongoing jealousy, along the areas and villages of the Directorate, all these helped Factors since the old age of their people are to prepare agriculture.

Agriculture: Sah has been famous since growing several agricultural crops, as (onion-wheat-potato-clover-tomato-garlic-thin corn-radish-eggplant-zucchini-okya-squash-black grain-palm-palm) which Its time covers the population’s food needs.

How much is Sah characterized by planting palm trees, which accounted for 80 %, thousands of them still witness to the district’s agricultural history, as its farmers are top ranks in exporting the finest dates like (mower) Al-Hamra – Al-Hashdi – Fast – and Al-Baklah – Coven) to all parts of the Republic according to the statistics of the Agriculture Office.


According to the statistics of the Directorate’s Agriculture Office, the total agricultural area is 650 hectares, of which 350 hectares are seen by wells, eyes and rivers, while the remaining 200 hectares are watering on rain water and floods, including more Of 312 Artwazi wells, distributed to 85 % of Sah’s population, contributed to the production of different agricultural crops for the local market, 62 % but today they are no longer, due to changes The climate experienced by the Directorate and political instability in the country, as well as the decline in government support and civil organizations by 92 %, Some irregular agricultural cycles by some international humanitarian organizations through the Office of Agriculture In the Directorate, Besah farmers account for about 85 % of the population where soil and water provide an appropriate environment for investment in agriculture.

Challenges of the agricultural sector: The ongoing conflict in the country, in addition to volatile weather conditions, has affected the agricultural sector of the Sah Directorate, as war broke out in March 2015, production decreased by a significant proportion, for several reasons.

Crisis of oil derivatives: After the farmer in Saah depends on the oil derivatives, especially the diesel material he uses to operate water well machines to irrigate lands.

Due to the conflict in Yemen over the past five years, however, diesel prices increased by 100 % as the price of a liter (or Qalon) was 5000 Yemeni riyals before the war and the price of (liter or qalon) became 10000 Yemeni riyals during the crisis The oil derivatives crisis has aggravated and their prices have increased, especially the diesel substance used by local farmer to operate water well machines for land irrigation.

Diesel prices rise due to several of the most important reasons for political conflict and high exchange rates as well as export monopoly on a certain category of merchants, according to the Office of Agriculture.

Farmer Muhammad added that what we are suffering right now due to the war and the economic crisis that resulted from rising clean derivatives and rising agricultural prices have greatly influenced us as farmers and the decline in agriculture as I was previously planting on my farm reporting More than 30 Fendam and currently due to the economic situation and the situation of the country, about Vendamine was planted due to the costs of derivatives and the increase in spare parts prices for agricultural machinery, which caused a decline in production that reduced our income as farmers, and this threatens us how much Two cultivators being a basic source of income for every farmer in the region.

* All the percentages mentioned were taken by the Office of Agriculture in Trim Directorate Fertilizer: According to the data of the agriculture office in Sah Directorate, about 82 %, farmers were affected in the areas and villages of Sah Directorate, due to the country’s political struggles, after they found it very difficult to obtain fertilizers and pesticides Due to the closure of some of the country’s outlets and its navigation is restricted by some parties to the conflict, thereby leading to the emergence of a black market selling at insane prices, which has led to the spread of harmful insect pests.

Agricultural lands: Recent years have seen many farmers abandon citizens of agriculture, due to the lack of government support, their inability to market agricultural products and continue political turmoil in the country, reflecting on the rise in unemployment among farmers to 25 % of the 85 % farms are from Sah residents, according to the statistics of the Department of Agriculture Office.

In addition to the shrinking of agricultural areas affected by accelerated urban crawl towards agricultural areas, as well as high costs of conservation and working on agricultural land and high land prices, many owners have been forced to sell it and migrate to the main cities of the province to trade The causes of agricultural deterioration: Director of the Office of Agriculture and Irrigation at the Directorate of Sah Hussein Bin Sheikh Abukar said, one of the most prominent reasons leading to decline in agricultural production in the Directorate is the political conflict in the country, the spread of agricultural pests, and the high agricultural costs, as well as the weakness of local authorities.

Increase in land conflicts, indicating that these causes threaten more than 350,000 remaining palm trees, out of a total million palms that were a strong financial tribute to farmers.

He explained that Sah farms lost nearly ′′ 650,000 ′′ palm trees late 2008 AD due to flooding flooding, noting that the district’s agricultural sector was negatively affected by the suspension of export operations, as Saah was one of the most exporting dates directorates, but As a result of the bombing of the date plant in Sayson City in June-2014 AD, date exports frozen, farmers unable to market it elsewhere, after Palm Farms in the Directorate sell more than 500 tons of dates per year on Factory, which caused great financial and moral loss for farmers.

′′ Bin Sheikh Abu Bakr stated that farmers in the Directorate face challenges in the current circumstances “, The agricultural sector in the whole governorate districts suffered heavy losses after the plant bombing, indicating that most of the farms were affected, and only a few are still going on.

Production in very difficult conditions.

Livestock: Livestock is another economic resource for rural residents, where sheep and beauty breeding has been an essential source of income for rural society.

Farmer ′′ Fatima ′′ says sheep raising and caring for them is one of the most prominent tasks women do in Sah alongside their daily household chores, noting that this profession was a source of financial income for many families in Sah, and contributes to covering some The nutritional needs of the family, but the late s, many families in the main areas of the Directorate abandoned this profession, sending their daughters to schools for education and urging them to continue university education, as well as some negative concepts among girls about this profession, and It’s what made this profession only denied some rural men and women.

According to the statistics of the Department of Agriculture, the numbers of sheep and beauty livestock are as follows: – Beauty numbers are about 3000 camels, distributed to rural Sah areas, these numbers are very carefully attended by nomadic Bedouins, who have great skills to deal with them, and form a good financial source of income by marketing them in a number of Urban cities are on restaurant owners, and those coming to marriage to offer as a gift.

The number of sheep is 85000 sheep, distributed to most areas of Sah District, these numbers are a strong source of income for some of their owners and their upbringing and attention is still popular in the main cities, but Rural Sah has the lion’s share of this wealth, As these numbers are very attention by their owners, being a good financial and nutritional source of income


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