Exclusive: Al-mahfid …The penultimate province  before declaring Abian free governorate from terrorism



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Fawaz al-Shabhi, the commander of Al-suqoor unit in the 1st support and backup legion , announced  the approach of declaring Abian governorate free of terrorist organizations. This came after   the completion of cleaning up Al-mahfid city and securing the northern coast. In addition to spreading the military fence troops in   Cities, borders, main streets of the governorate

The declaration of the officer, Al-shabhi came after killing 4 terrorists  by the fence troops in Mudeiah province last Monday when they were trying to break into a temporary camp of the security forces. the operation was executed a few minutes later after bombing the front gate of the military camp with an explosive car in the central area of Abian governorate, east of the capital Aden

The beginning of the operation


A bullet-proof  explosive pickup car of Hilux brand  was driven by a suicide terrorist breaking into the main gate of the security fence based in the vocational institute campus in the central area in Mudeiah. The car was detonated while crossing  the security barriers a few meters after the gate.  18 soldiers were injured or killed in the blast. The head of the unit confirms that this huge offence was repulsed  and all the terrorists were killed in the operation

A major terrorist operation

In reporting the details of the terrorist operation Al-shabhi said that at exactly 5:30 Monday dawn a bullet-proof explosive pickup car of Hilux brand targeted the main gate of the security fence troops based in the vocational institute campus in Mudeiah and it was detonated at once by the suicide bomber. He added that there was a large terrorist plot to target the security forces in the camp as immediately  Few Minutes later the car bomb explosion at the gate of the camp, four men with explosive belts and explosives tried to penetrate into  the camp after the bombing. However, the security forces discovered the operation and repulsed the offence and killed two of the terrorists near the gate.  The others were chased and blown up outside the camp, after trying to escape after their failed cowardly attempt to penetrate the camp gate and get inside

He added that the four suicide bombers had not been able to penetrate the camp and reach the planned target, as they were faced with all steadfastness and sacrifice , he assured that  his forces showed a  matchless struggle  in facing the terrorists and succeeded in spoiling their dreadful plot from targeting the camp, despite the multiple attacks from different directions

Martyrs and injuries

Security and medical sources in the central area of Abian governorate  announced that seven 7 soldiers from the security fence troops were killed  and more than 15 fifteen were injured in the terrorist attack

The commander of Al-suqoor (the Hawks) battalion  reported that 4 soldiers among his forces were martyred and  4 were injured in repulsing  a big terrorist attack which was targeting the security forces in Abian governorate meanwhile some security sources confirmed  the fall of three soldiers and the injury of  other seven in the same operation in Mudeiah and all of them belong to the security fence forces In Abian  headed by Colonel Abdul Latif al-Sayed

Stable security situation

Regarding the   security situation in Mudeiah after the terrorist attack, Al-Shabhi explained  in declarations  to the Middle East that the security situation was under control of the security fence forces in the central area, he also said that the terrorist operation was a failed attempt by the terrorists which was a miserable  attempt to retaliate for the severe strikes the terrorist organization received lately and their defeat in all the governorate provinces

He confirmed  that the military operations will continue  until the full declaration of the areas and cities of Abyan as a governorate  free of terrorist bodies , and this, according to Al-shebhi  will happen in the near future, as “all the provinces of the governorate are cleaned from terrorists, except  the province of Al-Mahfid

Many  military raids  to fight  terrorism in Abyan, supported by air, land and logistics of the Arabic coalition forces were launched in late July of this year 2017 and  has succeeded in defeating the terrorists  and cleaned them from the cities of Abian. 90 percent of the cities of the governorate are now  in the hands of security fence forces deployed in all the governorate  of the Yemeni President Internationally supported,  Abdrabo Mansour Hadi

Stages of the campaign

The Coalition-backed military campaign to free Abyan from terrorist groups took place in several stages. the first campaign was launched in 27th July last year . it comprises  The liberation of the cities of Shuqra, Marraqesh and Ahwar. In addition to securing the coastline and the deployment of security forces in all cities and major roads and the spreading  of security check  points to sustain security and stability and the pursuit of any elements according to senior leaders in the security fence in the governorate

according to colonel Al-shabhi  this  stage of the campaign  included,  cleaning the central area of the governorate  and the province of of Al-wadeiah, the hometown of Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, as well as the other provinces  of the central area of Moudiah, Louder and Duthaina. During these military campaigns, many workshops  owned by the terrorist organization   dedicated for  manufacturing  explosive and explosive grenades,  have been detected . besides a lot of communication devices have been found . in the operations some very important personnel were killed  or arrested . the judge of  Al-qaeida  in Abian governorate, Alkhedher Laswar, was arrested in one of the operations

Al-Shabhi added that the security forces have been deployed in the central areas of Lauder, Mudeiah, Duthaina and many  security  check points  were put in place  to keep the  security and stability with great support and logistics from  the Arabic coalition forces specially  Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. At the same time, special forces continue to carry out raids against terrorist cells and nests  in the region


Detection  of explosives workshops

The commander of Al-suqoor battalion  indicated that those terrorist operations are desperate attempts from the terrorist organizations after been completely defeated and bushed away from all the parts of Abian governorate, he addaed that the war against terrorism is nonstop and big progress has been achieved in the south which deserved. The southern troops proved its persistence and standing by the arabic coalition troops and the international community in the war against terrorism in all its  divergent shapes and forms. Al-shabhi  revealed that the last stage of the military campaign supported by the coalition air strikes has almost cleaned  the whole governorate and cleared all the terrorists nests. It also detected explosives workshops, devices, mines, explosive belts and grenades. He confirmed that terrorism is a rejected and fought international organizations which targeted Abian governorate because it is the pivot  of south Yemen. many military and security campaign in the second war  supported by the arabic coalition and executed in south Yemen  has succeeded in cleaning all the governorates of Aden, Lahij, Shabwah and Hadramout  from the terrorist organizations and groups  and this was after its first war in March for  cleaning all the south from the troops of Al-huthi  and Saleh to reclaim regime and legitimacy after the coup

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