Exclusive report : The Emirates …. The pivotal role in freeing the western coastal line of Yemen and reclaiming and securing Almakha port

Taiz (Hadramout 21) Exclusive

Based on the geographical significance and the geopolitical location the UAE state resolve to secure Almukha harbor and the western coastal zone of Taiz from the domination of the Huthis movement and their internal and external allies

Such kind of work came within the decisive assistance of the united Arab Emirates to the troops of the Arabian Alliance led by kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order for reclaiming the legitimate regime in Yemen headed by President Abidrabu Mansour Hadi 
The united Arab Emirates relied on the participation of its own troops in freeing the coastal areas, Almukha harbor, Bab Almandab and the surrounding places
As a result the Huthis and Saleh efforts and their military operations have been handicapped and they couldn’t fulfill their goals and schemes
It is assumed that the coups were exploiting some of the passages and harbors to smuggle weapons which they use to fight against the legitimacy troops, the public resistance and bombing new recruits
Some news resources indicated that Alhuthi movement made many attempts to get back some sites closest to Muza and Razin blocs but their efforts were in vain and they couldn’t proceed because the legitimate troops in these areas were supported by the strong part of the UAE who were very keen to ensure these areas and secure them beginning right from Almukha port forth to the zone around Khalid ben Alwalid camp towards Alburh market which joins Almukha town and the asphalt road joining Alhudeida and   Taiz
High officers in the Yemeni government profoundly confirmed the importance of the UAE support in Almaukha, estimating the role they played in freeing operation
of the different blocs in the coastal areas of Almukha

In addition to securing these areas in collaboration with the Arabian coalition forces. This work helped in neutralizing any further threats to the security and economy of the area and in stopping other potential threats to the international trade line that may encounter  in Bab Amundab passage, which was  formerly exposed to the Aluthi ballistic missiles that targeted the navigation activities and the international ships

From another angle and within the operation of the golden Arrow the UAE played a very outstanding role materialized by the participation of the UAE soldiers on land in fighting the coups. The blood of the first land operation martyred heroes of the UAE’s troops has mixed with the blood of the Yemeni soldiers who  sacrificed themselves for sake of their country and the legitimacy
The UAE also has a distinct presence in the humanitarian and solidarity interventions aspects within projects of health requirement security and rehabilitation of infrastructures in many areas in Yemen particularly Aden and Almakha. As reported, some specific committees have received different solidarity aids and items dedicated for war victims who live in the areas under control of the legitimate regime
The Red Crecent interventions are very obvious in many places including Almukha – the coastal town. They rehabilitated the damaged houses and installed electricity generators and stations which helped in keeping the daily life activities going on during the war. Then life gradually began to recover to normal basis
According to some strategic experts; making the decision of securing all the Yemeni western coasts by the coalition was not an easy matter because this coastal line , which extends from Bab Almandab in the south forth to the Saudi frontiers in the north, is more than 500 kilometres long and includes many significant ports specially Alhudeida and Almukha ports. The experience of the UAE in securing the ports in Aden and Mukalla in southern Yemen was very encouraging to the UAE to take charge of securing Almukha like wisely
They were also dully resolved and encouraged by the coalition to proceed towards the western coasts blocs. Succeeding in freeing Almukha would positively impact the general progress of the battles in Taiz, so the issue of breaking the blockage of Taiz became more logical and real from the view of military terms as well as the Arabian brothers role of securing the Yemenis and reclaiming their country’s legitimate regime which will lead to creating stability and security by means of activating national military systems and the logistics and support means in general
The favor is still thanks to the UAE and the Golden Arrow operation which have been launched at the beginning of the current year declaring that its main objective is to free the whole Yemeni western coastal line off the Red sea. This operation will lead to cutting all the ways and the military supplies that Alhuthis get via sea. According to some personnel in the Arabian coalition; freeing Almukha paved the way to the north part for Hadi troops towards Alhudeidah port which is overviewed as strategic knot because it is closest to Alhuthi sites in Sadah in the north part

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